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Wanda Barquin

Wanda Barquin is a Political Economist | International Negotiations | Strategic Communication | Digital Diplomacy | Advocacy | Global Development | CSR

Wanda Barquin's Bio:

Wanda Barquin is an Advisor for Strategic Communication.  As a diplomatic executive, she focused on growing business between international markets and the United States. She is skilled at entering new countries and regions, and rapidly understanding the economic, government, civil society, and media factors relevant to developing trade and industrial competitiveness.

Proven ability to cultivate and maintain international business relationships and networks; identify stakeholder opportunities; formulate and implement marketing communication strategies; conduct analyses and advise governments, inter-governmental bodies, and for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, on reducing barriers to trade; and contribute to long-term entrepreneurial alliances.

Dual citizenship: United States and Argentina
Mobile: +1 (202) 873-4951

Specialties: private-and public-sector counseling; establishment and protection of overseas operations; foreign direct investment; government contract bidding; high-level advocacy; business matchmaking; public–private partnerships; governance and transparency improvement; accountability and anti-corruption practices; formulation of public policy; trade issues; regulations and tariffs; free trade agreements; trade compliance; trade policy; sustainable consumption and production; interagency coordination; bilateral trade negotiations with foreign governments; multilateral diplomacy; non-profit organizations; corporate social responsibility; international marketing; international operations; promotion activities; digital communication strategies, twidiplomacy, and marketing plans.

Industry sectors: energy and environment; design and construction services; supply chain infrastructure; hospitality; airports and aerospace; defense; safety and security; telecommunications; franchising; consumer goods; toys and video games; education; veterinary services; advertising and public relations.

Emerging markets, especially Latin America, Southern Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Wanda Barquin's Interests & Activities:

Entrepreneurship, new technology, social impact, intercultural communication, world history, foreign languages, stray dogs, dog agility tournaments, horse back riding, and Italian opera. Film lover! Mottos to live by: "There are no mistakes, only lessons" (Ancient Sanskrit); "You were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness" (Pope Benedict XVI)

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